Hot Track: The Old Pink House – Prisoner

It’s been a while since we checked in with this NE four-piece, but thankfully they’ve lost none of their edge. The Old Pink House still make indie-pop based around spiky riffs, hooky choruses and flourishes of synth.

As the last single released from their Digital Romance EP, ‘Prisoner’ is a new high-point for TOPH. Their new EP only emphasises what this band do well; slightly arch art-pop, with great riffs and sticky hooks. Their penchant for slightly out-there synth squiggles is present too, with a synth arp running through ‘Prisoner’, lending it a fitting tinge of paranoia.

You could point to Franz Ferdinand or Everything Everything but straight out the gates, TOPH always sounded entirely of their own designs, and play with the confidence to see that through. This entire EP is full of creativity, and picking just one song to feature was a struggle.

Some bands very clearly bring the best out of their members, and The Old Pink House is a great example of that. Each instrument is given a time to shine, and the harmonies, though brief, only accentuate how great the chorus is.

The Old Pink House are still one of our favourite bands, and we continue to follow their output with great interest. You should too. Just know that when they are talking about the “east coast” they probably mean Seaburn.

Follow The Old Pink House here.

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