Hot Track: Muddy Elephant – When In Rome

‘When In Rome’ is a weapons-grade earworm. It bristles with a seemingly endless supply of hooks, and fires them at you one after the other with absolutely no regard for your wellbeing. The result is the most instantly likable song of the summer.

Muddy Elephant, the spry four-piece from Chester, seem to have a knack for capturing the public mood. They blew up with ‘Helter Skelter’ (which had nothing to do with the Beatles, or Charles Manson), a song about being trapped in a tedious day-to-day life which just so happened to coincide with the introduction of a nationwide lockdown and lots of people being locked in their bedrooms. Likewise ‘When In Rome’ arrives at a time of bubbling optimism, where most of us are beginning to think that maybe, just maybe, we might be seeing the back of all this.

‘When In Rome’ matches that optimism perfectly, and from the first bars of opening harmony it is an unbelievably good natured and upbeat blend of indie rock and trop-pop. It’s really fun to listen to, and presumably really fun to play too. There’s so much energy and flash, with a bouncy and rambling beat. The chorus is brilliant.

‘When In Rome’ is like a ’99 with a flake at the beach and it’s merits are immediately obvious. Guitar-pop you can believe in and a beautiful little anthem.

Follow Muddy Elephant here.

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