Hot Track: Late Night Legacy – Dreams of You

No shame in admitting we’ve been Late Night Legacy fangirls for a while now. The Leeds band are willing to try their hand at any style, any idea that they think is good enough. While their core is 90s grunge, they’ve spun out into all kinds of surprising shapes on new song ‘Dreams of You’. Built around strummed guitars and lovely flourishes of piano, this is a ballad rendered in the most beautiful way.

Ryan Kitto’s vocal heroics are brought a little more down to earth, operating somewhere around the tenor of Biffy’s Simon Neil at their most ‘Many of Horror’ish. The wild pub rock of songs like ‘Beat Up’ & ‘Blame’ is replaced with a refreshingly restrained and well captured adult contemporary sound.

At just three minutes it never outstays its welcome or strains any of its ideas, which makes hitting the replay button all the easier. Better to pick up the subtle background gubbins and touches of reverb and echo to give atmosphere. As on ‘Sunny When You’re Gone‘ & ‘Crystal Blue’ production is clearly an area that the band have improved on hugely, with their newer songs having a newfound depth and detail to them.

It’s something new for LNL, but we love it. Finding a new home amongst gentle guitars, elegant piano figures and strings, the Yorkshire boys keep us guessing. More amazing stuff.

Follow Late Night Legacy here.

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