Hot Track: Just Suppose – Icarus

Just Suppose never disappoint – ever. ‘Icarus’ is more brainy alt-rock, which challenges and questions as much as it provides pure enjoyment.

While the ethereal swirl of ‘No Cause For Alarm’ suggested some kind of sci-fi detachment, ‘Icarus’ is a lot more direct. The riff crashes in instantly; a loud and looping measure that is prominent for most of the song. Thankfully the Huddersfield four-piece retain their love for unusual synth tones, and burbles of synth punctuate the song and give it a clean & fresh feel.

Just Suppose are rarely happy churning out the same sounds, and their style changes from song to song. From the pummeling ‘Shockwaves’ to the cosmic ‘No Cause For Alarm’ they’ve rarely stayed still, although ‘Icarus’ is more accessible.

More great stuff from Just Suppose.

Follow Just Suppose here.

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