Hot Track: Maya Lakhani – Walk Alone

British Indian artist Maya Lakhani’s ‘Walk Alone’ is a haunting, gothic expression of self-determinism. It’s a song about women wanting to walk on their own – literally – but also of the feminist struggle.

The focal point here is definitely Maya’s vocals. Everything else is way, way down in the mix. So it should be. Her voice isn’t just good, it’s special. It’s Alanis Morissette at her most ‘Uninvited‘; booming, deathly and a little frightening. It’s what people in ancient times might have called ‘lamentations’. It’s so powerful that you can’t even really comprehend what the other instruments are doing until a few plays in, when you hear how they nicely add to her vibe: fuzzed out bass, clattering toms, siren-like guitars.

‘Walk Alone’ is a very personal song about the conversations that are still going on around the danger women face on the streets of the UK, especially at night, conversations which have spurned the Reclaim The Night movement and so many testimonies from women who walk home “keys in hand“. As well as a call for women to go their own way creatively and in their personal lives it’s about their right to literally walk the streets without being harmed.

It touches on, sadly, the widely held perception that women bring it on themselves by walking alone in the first place: “Don’t wan’t to hear ‘I told you so, I told you so'”. This is such a sledgehammer song, such a declarative take on a debate that still rages on. A debate on a system that still teaches boys will be boys. Maya Lakhani is a unique voice amongst it all, and a serious talent too. Vocally she is absolutely untouchable.

Follow Maya Lakhani here.

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