Hot Track: Laeeqa – Reflection

Described as a reinvention of the self, Laeeqa’s ‘Reflection’ is a soothing, smooth and spiritual slice of R&B and alt-pop.

It’s a call to those struggling with mental health. It’s vulnerable and honest, and comes from the empowerment of overcoming the pressures of life in lockdown. Really it’s a perfect fit for a pandemic, providing gentle encouragement to keep your head on straight. Melancholy piano chords, an enigmatic sample (“She talks too much…”) soothing synth tones and a gentle beat combine with distant acoustic guitar.

It’s a soft focus pallete of sounds that form a nocturnal, candle-lit mood, a confessional tone. This minimalism allows Laeeqa’s own soulful vocals to dominate the track. It’s beautifully simple on first listen but the closer you listen the more you’re rewarded. The beat is super low in the mix, providing a gentle current to carry the song, but listen closer and you’ll pick up on the gentle progression through the song. Laeeqa’s vocals have a flexible, digi-quality to them that lends to the sheen coming off the track.

‘Reflection’ is a breath of fresh air – as pure and honest musical experience as you could have. Brilliant.

Follow Laeeqa here.

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