Hot Track: Chantelle du Toit – Stuck In The Middle

Chantelle du Toit switches gears on ‘Stuck In The Middle’. If ‘Overdrive‘ was the sound of someone driving a convertible down a highway at sunset, ‘Stuck In The Middle’ is the sound of that same person stumbling away from the resulting wreck.

If Cage The Elephant’s ‘Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked’ & ‘La Grange’ by ZZ Top had a baby it would sound like this. The stumbling, punch drunk beat keeps the track moving at a lurch, the guitars are out of this world. I cannot recall hearing guitars that sound this good for a long time.

They sound like authentic blues and pure choogle, not a simulacrum borne from studio tinkering. They sound raw and real and I cannot fathom how good they sound on this track. A team of best-in-class audio engineers would struggle to make guitars sound this good, and ‘Stuck In The Middle’ is basically a showcase for just how amazing these riffs are.

Vocals are important too, and du Toit’s soulful but playful Joan Jett snarl is magnificent as ever. It is a middle-finger record if there ever was one. Full of fuck-you attitude and all the better for it. This song is not attempting to fit into any kind of current trend, and there is absolutely zero effort to try and pander to some specific taste or the Spotify algorithm. As it should be.

Chantelle du Toit is one of the best things this magazine has ever allowed me to stumble across. What an amazing talent.

Follow Chantelle du Toit here.

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