Hot Track: Sunflower Thieves – Don’t Mind The Weather

Sunflower Thieves’ latest is something special. Trance inducing dream-pop for a sunny day, ‘Don’t Mind The Weather’ is pandemic-proof euphoria.

Listening to Sunflower Thieves is like floating on air. The sunny melodies, cloud-like mesh of atmospherics and blue sky acoustic strum just sort of let you, float away. It’s a beautifully chilled serene experience. Where so many young bands opt for intensity the Leeds based duo go for feeling, and emotion too, but emotion twice-removed. There are no heart-on-sleeve theatrics, no extremes of love or agony. Instead pure abstraction: detached, washed out, lovingly rendered folk.

These two play like Haim on morphine. Reassured, honey-hued pop with airy vocals and seamless harmonies. In a cluttered, loud, brash, click-minded indie landscape, ‘Don’t Mind The Weather’ is like a tonic. It’s a simple progression but works so well, gently adding texture and colour as the track progresses.

Sunflower Thieves are so easy to like. We can’t wait to hear more.

Follow Sunflower Thieves here.

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