Hot Track: Artio – Billionaire Nightmare

Artio’s fiery new track ‘Billionaire Nightmare’ has a simple message: eat the rich. Not bad as ideas go…

Social conscience has been a part of Artio’s identity from the off, and that’s only grown as they have. Clearly they’ve seen the parasitic co-dependence between us and Amazon, Uber, Facebook, Tencent etc during the pandemic, and the sickening wealth some of these corporations have enjoyed during a time of national crisis.

All that energy is channelled in a blast of inky black noise rock, a blend of electronic textures and alt-rock energy. Singer Hol spits the lyrics with venom and really vocalises the anger that you can feel throughout the song. A chugging, metal-headed riff makes this a heavier song than we’ve seen from Artio, but it suits them well.

The video references the tabloid press, climate crisis, trans oppression – systems and institutions which keep the status quo keep in place. Artio call for individualism in the face of a heteronormative system.

It’s a huge, loud, intense and in-your-face sound sound and we love it.

Follow Artio here.

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