Pale Waves – ‘Easy’ – Review

Pale Waves have given us the best song of 2021 (or the best song of the past 22 days) with ‘Easy’; anthemic, euphoric power pop.

The Manchester band put out a solid debut with My Mind Makes Noises, a collection of spit-shined no wave, but what that album lacked was a solid gold pop song. A radio ready anthem aimed at ruthlessly exploiting that part of your brain that like happy sounding things. ‘Easy’ is that song: it’s absolutely perfect pop.

Think The Cure’s ‘Friday I’m In Love’. No, really, it’s that good. Although the 80s reference isn’t so accurate. What this song really embodies is the giddy optimism of late 90s / early 00s pop. It feels like a lost Alanis Morissette song. The chorus is perfect. Airtight, rising and falling with pinpoint accuracy. Frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie really comes into her own here. The range exhibited on ‘Easy’ is insane, hitting ridiculous notes with nonchalance, and perfectly emulating the pitch and vocal dynamic of early 00s tween-pop.

You feel Pale Waves are really finding their sound with this second album, the appropriately named Who Am I? due out later this year. This is a welcome blast of colour and energy in a very drab and seemingly endless January.

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