Hot Track: Edited People – Dream Chaser

Edited People’s ‘Dream Chaser’ is more of the overwhelmingly slick, confident, and catchy alt-pop we saw on ‘Natural Disaster‘.

Their style is absolutely impeccable. The production, again, is clean zen-like perfection. Snaking guitar lines give a Prince-ish vibe while the overall feel is very much MØ’s first album. Pinches of synthpop and trap add texture, and you have to love the increasingly raucous guitar runs; precise guitar picking giving way to squeals of feedback.

As ever it’s the flow of singer Alisha that holds it all together. She sing-raps with a range and dexterity that sounds easy, but I’m guessing isn’t. She gives the song a sense of pith and attitude and allows all the elements to come together. And as a call to arms for creatives to realise their full potential, clear that ‘Dream Chaser’ comes from the heart.

Edited People have really carved out a niche for themselves based on studio perfection and a magpie impulse to pick and choose contrasting sounds. It works so well, and ‘Dream Chaser’ is another brilliant song from a band quick becoming one of our favourites.

Follow Edited People here.

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