Hot Track: Askies – Forty-Three

Askies are closing out the year with another airtight 3 minutes (almost) of sublime indie rock.

Numbers as song titles is always mysterious (exception of Ariana Grande’s ‘34+35′, fairly self-explanatory) and ‘Forty-Three’ isn’t easily read. Askies’ core strength has been tightly written songs that demand repeat listens. ‘Subject to Change‘ was an out-of-body jam session and while ‘Forty-Three’ isn’t as open-ended, it’s a lot more direct. Guitars that chime perfectly with the chorus, raw and passionate vocals, tightly interlocked rhythm section. All the Askies hallmarks are here.

What sets ‘Forty-Three’ apart is it’s exceptionally tight beat. The escalation here is crazy, and I love how it fills out and develops over the course of the song. The vocals are crazy good too, singer George Harris bringing a gritty performance to the track. Melodic guitar tones, clean production. It’s that polished and tight alt-pop sound that Askies do so well.

We will never not share an Askies song, they continue to be one of the most consistent bands on the Leeds scene.

Follow Askies here. Our review of their track ‘Easy’ here.

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