Hot Track: Late Night Legacy – Sunny When You’re Gone

Late Night Legacy are apparently new to the phrase ‘Don’t fix what ain’t broke’. Their track ‘Sunny’ was already our favourite of theirs, a sublime bit of jam rock. They’ve returned to the track for some extensive tinkering, and the result is the all new ‘Sunny When You’re Gone’. And well, it’s better in every way. It really is an enhancement in sound, style and performance.

‘Sunny When You’re Gone’ is as blissful as the original, a smooth sunny day jam. However the beat has received noticeable attention, tightened up with rattling high-hats and more nimble stick work. This gives the track a little more forward momentum, whilst keeping that floaty drugged-out feeling. It’s a great vocal performance from Ryan Kitto, eschewing the rock growling of their prior songs for a smooth, commanding baritone.

The guitars still have a free-wheeling and improvisational punch to them, and echoes of the Chilli’s ‘Scar Tissue‘ are apparent throughout. Add to that some touches of synth and some lovely background harmonies; and yes, a third verse rap, just to keep things interesting.

As it was then, ‘Sunny When You’re Gone’ is Late Night Legacy’s best song yet, one that has benefitted from real intensive production polish and a beefed up harmony. Now all we need is some sun, a few beers and a couple shots of Pfizer vaccine.

Follow Late Night Legacy here.

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