Hot Track: Free Galaxy – Look

‘Look’ is a song as mashed up, bloody and dirty as the grimy cover art would suggest.

Free Galaxy have been on quite a ride from the partitively clean and polished sound of debut single ‘Everlasting’. Last year’s ‘Leave Me‘ showed touches of grunge, and ‘Look’ feels like the culmination of that journey.

Flashes of the Foos and Smashing Pumpkins are immediately clear in the heavily distorted guitar tones, the Pumpkins ‘Zero’ & ‘Here Is No Why’ loom large.

What always set Free Galaxy apart was the intensity of their playing, and the same is true here. Every instrument is persistently competing for your attention. The drums, as per usual, are the MVP – pummelling with the subtlety of carpet bombing. The chorus great, really channelling the energy of the performance. The production on the vocals is, as always with this band, a highlight. Distorted and smoky to fit the alt-rock tone but booming and out-in-front when they need to be.

The video – wherein some Hotline Miami extras beat the ever-loving shit out of someone’s car- feels appropriate. 2020 has basically been a car wreck, with us inside getting sprayed with shit and glass.

Nosier than ever, Free Galaxy are still unbeatable.

Follow Free Galaxy here.

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