Hot Track: Chantelle du Toit – Override

In an age of beige, Chantelle du Toit is a welcome blast of noise and attitude. ‘Override’ has the most raw, filth-slathered riff we’ve heard all year, and god is this what we needed. Why doesn’t all music sound like this?

South African, but London based du Toit has lighted on a particularly grisly, nasty, in your face kind of desert rock that I just absolutely love. ‘Override’ sounds exactly as the name suggests: it pushes every dial into the red, every string to breaking point. It’s loud and angry and entirely at odds with prevailing trends across rock or pop.

And make no mistake, this may be independent but it’s no indie. There is much to love about the twiddly, twangy riffs of indie rock, but this is a full-blooded rock song. The pace is brutal and the guitars sound like they’ve been dredged from a primordial bog.

The lyrics constitute a “fuck you too” hit piece aimed at, as Chantelle says, the people who “made me angry for their own entertainment“. That’s a worthy target for sure, and the sheer volume of vitriol dumped onto those poor souls over the course of ‘Override’ is tangible. Pretty sure they deserved it though.

A female-fronted, one-woman Motörhead. What more could you ask for?

Follow Chantelle Du Toit here.

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