Hot Track: Candid – Numbers Game

It’s been a minute, but Candid still have it. The Coventry four-piece still have the hard-edged metallic riffs and powerful vocals that characterise their style of indie. ‘Numbers Game’ is their best since ‘Breathless’.

The fuzzy alt-rock sound of past releases has been softened slightly by a more electronic texture. They still have a real flair for punchy choruses, and this is the best yet. Frontman Rob Latimer only grows in confidence and his voice is peerless on ‘Numbers Game’. There’s serious range in the vocals, soulful and soft in the verses and powerhouse in the chorus.

It is a darker sound this time, and Candid weren’t really sunshine and daisies to begin with. ‘Numbers Game’ has a very clear target: the industry. How streaming algorithms and PR logic can suffocate and stifle creation. It’s a highly relevant topic considering the precarious position many young bands find themselves in. They are able to vocalise what so many artists must be feeling and the shitty and exploitative way they can be treated.

The band’s love of monochrome and metallic sounds match this new subject matter perfectly, and I’d love to hear them tackle other weighty issues in the future.

This is my new favourite Candid song. It sounds great. The vocals are top notch. The artwork is brilliant. If we had more bands like Candid the industry would be a better place.

Follow Candid here.

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