Hot Track: Edited People – Beautiful Disaster

Edited People’s ‘Natural Disaster’ is a slick, polished indie rock tune with flourishes of trap and electropop.

Opening over foggy synths, ‘Natural Disaster’ percolates into snaking guitar lines and rattling trap hi-hats. Complemented by blocky, new-wavey bass and you have a cocktail of influences that bounce off one another in novel ways. The result is something wholly original.

The pre-chorus is such a smooth, assured ride. It’s the sort of songwriting and structure you’d expect of industry lifers not up-and-comers like Edited People.

Despite how much is happening on the track (it’s a busy 3 minutes and 45 seconds) the song as a package is airtight, with no baggage or dawdling on the part of the band. The vocals rise to the top effortlessly, drawing your attention from the off. They run the gamut from arena rock caterwauling to smooth R&B phrasing, and even a pseudo-rap. Remarkably, it all works. It clicks together perfectly.

Not to harp on the production but this is one of the best sounding singles we’ve heard all year. The mastering is beautiful, and the additional elements that are carefully mixed in as the song peaks really give a feeling of upward momentum.

This is the first we’d heard of Edited People, but it won’t be the last. We’re hooked.

Follow Edited People here.

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