Hot Track: Alleyways – Rude


Opening on a silky 808 beat and hazy synth tones, the latest from Alleyways is an early-hours / late-eighties jam.

Sticking with the elastic and infinitely repayable sounds of prior single ‘Over It‘, which was a highlight of the year thus far, ‘Rude’ has an easily understood USP: sax. And lots of it. Bursts of saxophone colour the verses, before flourishing into a a lovely solo and coda. This may be a fairly common and trendy inclusion of late, but Alleyways show they know how to use it right.


Besides that, the vocals are lovely. As in ‘Over It’, the production on the vocals is really impressive, giving the lyrics a semi-robotic hum that adds to the smooth yacht rock vibe. The mood is very jammed out, free-flowing and semi improvisational. It’s an organic performance that allows each instrument room to breathe and room to improvise.

The screeching guitars in the verse are very The 1975ish, but ‘Rude’ avoids any obvious hallmarks. It’s a song about squabbles, and as we spend the next few months locked in with our SOs, a prescient topic for sure.

Alleyways have really succeeded in capturing the pearlescent pastel-hued sound of Hot 100 radio circa 1987. ‘Rude’ is punchy, upbeat and irresistibly refined.

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