Getting through lockdown with Late Night Legacy

LNL 31-07.20-18

Generally, we’re pretty negative here at Hey Nineteen. We tend to see a glass half full. We see the worst in things, people, or Taylor Swift albums. Yet even pessimists can see that lockdown has made everything appreciably worse. Yes, even music. Because everything’s worse without your mates.

So in these grey and miserable times we need a bit of a lift. A hit of optimism to keep us going. Late Night Legacy have been that much needed pick-me-up. Their energy and positivity come in almost endless supply, with song after song of upbeat pub-rock built on powerhouse chords and pile-driver choruses.

Recently bolstered by two new members, Matt Exton (drums) & James Iain Clegg (bass), LaL have been hitting some serious numbers recently too – ‘Blame’ passed 80k streams, and the lovely ‘Songbird’ is nearing 40k. Their relentless touring may have been put on hold due to Covid, but they remain one of the most entertaining bands we have ever covered.

LNL 31-07.20-13

If you’ve never heard of them fine, we aren’t offended, but do yourself a favour and stream ‘Crystal Blue‘, their latest from earlier this year. If you’re new here – then start from the beginning. Late Night Legacy is exactly what we need right now, and with this new formulation, we’re excited to hear what’s to come.

Follow Late Night Legacy here.

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