Hot Track: Askies – Easy


‘Easy’ is easy to like, and so are Askies. They continue to build on a strong USP: unique guitar tones and strong, passionate vocals. This is more of the good stuff.

Of those two key characteristics, both are found here in spades. It’s a great vocal performance from singer George Harris, his best yet. It’s guttural but nimble too, hitting each measure hard and reflecting the harder edged sound of the song. ‘Easy’ moves away a little from the clean lines and high production of past singles in favour of a more live sound. The riffs are terrific, hooky and melodic in the verses and raw in the chorus.


‘Easy’ punches harder than their past work, and seems destined to be a live favourite. A more direct, more aggressive song. It may not have the crystalline production of ‘Subject To Change’ but goes for something different altogether. ‘Easy’ gets up in your face. It’s loud and tempers Askies’ indie sheen with arena rock energy. The result is another winner from the Leeds four piece.

Follow Askies here.

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