Hot Track: Heir – Fear of Falling / Victoria Falls


Recorded at Abbey Road (yes that one) and produced by industry legend Ken Scott, this double-header from Yorkshire troupers Heir provide their most shiny, accessible pop yet.

Lead by ‘Fear of Falling’, Heir At Abbey Road makes great use of it’s setting. This is the richest sounding Heir release yet, building layer on layer of detail, and including what is probably the most expensive sounding hand-clap in the history of recorded sound.

‘Fear of Falling’ follows a thread familiar to Heir (last explored on the brilliant ‘Restless‘): uncertainty. Standing on the verge of something new, and worrying about the jump. Hence the title. Millennial ennui makes a great foil for Heir’s style of spry indie-pop. Springy synth tones and a clean and polished sound, with just a toe dipped in nostalgia. The by now chronic over-reliance and aping of the 1980s has thankfully not been a temptation for Heir, and their sound as ever sounds expansive, fresh and contemporary.

‘Victoria Falls’ strips back all the studio polish in favour of a live rendition, but even here Abbey Road looms large as a setting, because the instrumentation sounds amazing. The piano rings with a big, echoey timbre you just can’t get in most home studios. Singer Tom Hammond’s voice is given some room to breathe and he gives a fantastic performance.

Heir continue to be a ray of sunshine in a dark & gloomy world.

Follow Heir here.

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