Tom McKenzie – Take Some Time – EP Review


With the chaotic tumult of 2020 – the year that just keeps getting more apocalyptic – it’s important to just breathe. To take some quiet time to reflect. To recharge and recuperate. Tom Mckenzie’s new EP Take Some Time is the perfect soundtrack for that. It’s an aural cleanse – soothing and lovingly arranged.

It’s a familiar playbook of softly strummed guitar, banjo and McKenzie’s own honeyed melodies. But the result is magic. The self-titled opener is a duet vivid with pastoral images of a sunny afternoon a long time ago. These sun-dapled chords are present throughout the EP. ‘Forever Someday’ moves atop a skiffle beat, while ‘One Way Ticket’ has a chickaboom rhythm appropriate for a song that indulges a classic country trope: leaving home on a one way trip.

The strongest songs close the set. ‘Reason’ is the only song here that sounds a little conflicted. There’s a warm, positive reassurance that hums around Take Some Time however ‘Reason’ introduces a flash of doubt, with lyrics that critique inaction. “How can you live as a hypocrite? / Say change must come / But make none yourself“. Carpe Diem is very much the ethos of this EP and the wider sound of Tom McKenzie.

The EP ends on a homecoming with ‘Conkers and Leaves’. The thrills of life on the road are great, but a sit down and a cuppa is good too.

With the noisy chaotic world of 2020, it’s lovely to take some time to stop and rest. Tom Mckenzie’s Take Some Time is essential listening for the right now.

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