Hot Track: Late Night Legacy – Crystal Blue


Late Night Legacy can always be counted on to bring some fireworks, and new track ‘Crystal Blue’ is suitably explosive.

The four-piece have long held sway with us for their funk-rock heroics, but ‘Crystal Blue’ is a little different to their recent output. It doesn’t have the live band sound, the rawness of ‘Beat Up‘ or ‘Blame‘. It’s a little more produced, but this cleaner sounds allows greater focus on the rhythm. Where ‘Beat Up’ felt like a jam session, ‘Crystal Blue’ is super tight. The beat is precise, and works in some brilliant cowbell.

Simon Walker Photo Late Night Legacy_-42
Photo: @simonwalker.photographer

The opening riff is siren like, an industrial wail fitting for the new environment LaL have moved into. This crisply hi-def sound suits them. The band have said ‘Crystal Blue’ is about wanting to call someone, but knowing it’s way way past that point. That itch you get to reconnect with someone who is completely over it. It’s a familiar compulsion and is borne out by Ryan Kitto’s tortured vocals.

It’s more of an alt-rock sound, less Chilli Peppers and more Nothing But Thieves. They make excellent use of some subtle synth effects, and ‘Crystal Blue’ has a greater emphasis on style and atmosphere. The bridge manages to ratchet up the stakes and emphasise the electronic digital textures, before returning to the chorus with a triumphant swell.

‘Crystal Blue’ is out May 29th on all streaming platforms.

Follow Late Night Legacy here.

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