Hot Track: Full Colour – Times Change


By Jack

Times Change, and so do Full Colour. Each new release is sharper: better production, better hooks, better instrumentation. ‘Times Change’ is their best yet and considering how great their EP was that’s saying something.

‘Times Change’ is about feeling a moment slip away. It’s a song about missing someone, or something: a place in time. It’s about moving on and wondering if things can stay the same.

There’s a great push-and-pull between the rhythm section, which is locked in to the high energy beats of Blossoms, Sundara Karma, Marsicans and the sound of contemporary indie, and the guitars and synths which have a new wave sparkle to them. The chiming delay-heavy guitar tone evoke Boy era U2, and the synth effects – while subtle – add an air of nostalgia.

It’s sort of startling for such a polished, fully-realised song to come from such a young band. But this is a guaranteed show opener – it’s a powerful full-bore tune with a brilliant chorus and a simple but bittersweet solo after the bridge. The vocal soul of singer Conrad infuses the whole song.

Special mention too to the video which though little more than a performance shoot, channels perfectly the message of the song – and frames it as leaving the home of your childhood.

You can feel the raw energy, the raw talent emanating from this group. Full Colour have come full bloom – this is brilliant.

Follow Full Colour here.

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