Hot Track – Talk Show: Stress


By Jack

We picked up on Talk Show thanks to an email. We get sent reams and rarely have time to look through them – though I’m glad we did. Talk Show already have a really distinct sense of identity, and their blend of melodic but aggressive post-punk has us enraptured.

The opening lick is a fresh, spritely thing that suggests the monosyllabic riffs of New Order (‘Ceremony’, ‘Age of Consent’) and through them Romy Madley Croft’s twilit riffs for The xx. That post-punk flavour is present throughout, and the guitars sound amazing, hopping from pretty melodies to fuzzy shredding from bar to bar. However that is only half the story: ‘Stress’ is a blend of radio-ready indie and sweaty pub punk.

While ‘Stress’ has hooks and a chorus perfectly honed for Radio 1 airplay, singer Harrison’s guttural snarl gives Talk Show a raw edge. It’s a rejection of the Spotify-friendly styles that have permeated (some would say adulterated) indie music in recent years- and sounds a bit like The Subways. But these comparisons do the band a disservice – this is really gripping, surprising stuff.

This deadpan South London twang is a brilliant foil for the bouncy music. It made me think they’d be probably be great live. So I looked it up. And yeah, I’m willing to bet they are.

NME helpfully described them as dark-wave but it genuinely does feel like the band need their own genre, because nothing else seems to cut it. Brilliant – listen to the entire These People EP for further proof. My new favourite band.

Follow Talk Show here.



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