Hot Track: Mac Frey – Motion!


By Jack

We’ve featured Mac Frey before – that time under the guise of Dave C. Rupert. While that project was defined by stark, atmospheric guitars, Mac Frey is defined by jazzy bounce.

Husky trumpets offset Mac’s silky smooth delivery. His voice is still his primary draw, despite new surroundings. However this time he’s able to lean into touches of soul and acid-jazz, proving himself to be the lithe lounge-lizard he was born to be. It’s an amazingly confident vocal take from him, swooping into falsetto and dipping to a gravely tenor. His self-harmonising recalls J & T from Jungle and, through them, distant touches of Marvin Gaye.

The jazzy beat, parps of horn and classy keyb tones make for a lush, velvety, expensive sounding song, offset only by slight touches of atmosphere that suggest an array of contemporary sounds just out of sight. It isn’t retro-kitch – it sounds brand new. The production is full-bodied and there’s no dust to be found anywhere here, no faux-70s revival. This sounds great.

A brezzy Sunday morning jam on first listen, but ‘Motion!’ hints at a darker heart beneath the surface.

Follow Mac Frey here.

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