Kisstory: Shaggy, Nelly, Eve, Salt n Pepa – Live Review


By Jack

It proved to be a who’s-who of early aughts R&B – Kisstory Presents The Blast Off! Tour was a near four hour long marathon of everything that was popular in the early years of the century.

Nelly, Salt n Pepa, Eve, Shaggy, Blu Contrall (to name a few) made up a setlist of pure unadulterated gold. It could be some nostalgia creeping in – I was a kid when I heard these songs. It just also happens that the early Millennium years were an absolute boom time for pop.

Fatman Scoop MC’s, spending the night strutting the stage in some baggy tracksuit bottoms and serving as hypeman for each oncoming act. His voice is absurdly loud, and when he cracks out the Friday night classic ‘Be Faithful’ it feels like the rafters might cave in.

It wasn’t all sunshine and daisies – Nelly devoted too much of his set to also-rans, and Shaggy’s banter with the crowd had a distinctly cruise ship quality to it. Some punters lapped it up, but there’s only so many times someone can ask you to put your hands in the air. We reached that limit.

As for stealing the show, there wasn’t a bad performance – how could there be with this much pop goldust? But Eve stole it for me. She was untouchable, she looked and sounded amazing, and her hits haven’t aged a day. ‘Let Me Blow Ya Mind’ is still the greatest song ever written.

This setlist of songs would put the current crop to shame.

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