Hot Track: Geezas – Hot Head


By Jack

Halifax four-piece Geezas announce their arrival with a breezy, confident debut single.

‘Hot Head’ operates around a simple but snappy melody, one that sticks with you and leaves you humming it in snippets for days. This is less indie rock hysterics and more a peaceful easy feeling.

That isn’t to say there’s a lack of motion. In fact there’s plenty of musicality here. The groove here may be gentle but the beat is pretty punchy, allowing cymbal crashes to accentuate the emotional peaks of the track. Pretty down-tempo indie riffs click into a bassline that bobs and weaves.

‘Hot Head’ doesn’t go for dopamine hits. It strives only to create a bittersweet, gently melancholic mood and a musical space to get lost in for a little while. It’s written about anxiety, and how dealing with the stress of anxiety can feel like a relationship with a real person. It’s a pretty unique angle with a pretty unique conclusion: that your relationship with anxiety is as valid as any other.

I really love this song and it feels fresh and surprising. We can’t wait to hear more.

Follow Geezas here.

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