The blissful chill of Tycho’s ‘Outer Sunset’ – Review


By Jack

I’ve long been a fan of Tycho’s pastoral, dreamy indietronica. I saw him live couple years back and it remains one of the most personally resonant shows I’ve ever been to.

Through his wordless music and accompanying visuals you get a feel for what he’s passionate about: ocean vistas, the hills of California, the setting sun, nostalgia, friendship and introspection.

That quietly poignant, obliquely personal touch is felt on new single ‘Outer Sunset’. The sunny synth tones and carefully plucked guitar melodies are serene, offset by some tricky DJ Shadow shuffle beats ticking beneath them. It’s a simple, perfect, koan-like progression.

There’s a palpable sense of calm about it. It washes over you, it cuts off the outside world and leaves you with your own thoughts for a little while. Not to say this is wallpaper – it’s anything but.

‘Outer Sunset’ is sheer escapism, and if you watch that gorgeously realised roll of rose-hued waves (Tycho is an aesthete, no two ways about it) it’s hard not to be carried away.

It’s beautiful. It was the song I didn’t know I needed right now. And I’m enjoying drifting off with it for a spell.

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