The Who Won’t Get Fooled Again


By Jack

The Who never really went away – or so it seemed.

Roger Daltrey had a string of successful solo albums, including the brilliant Under A Raging Moon, which mourned the passing of legendary drummer Keith Moon. Pete Townshend experimented with rock opera, and a Broadway treatment of Tommy.

The Quadrophenia revival through the 90s and subsequent world tour introduced the band to a new generation. Later on, their 2004 compilation Then and Now reinvigorated interest in the group, and included a new classic in the form of the spiritual, UB40 interpolating ‘Real Good Looking Boy’.

Yet they left the best for last. Their 2019 album Who, which is probably their last, is also one of their best. It’s the rare example of a band able to adapt to contemporary tastes while maintaining their identity, and branching out into new sounds and ideas.

With a UK tour coming in March, The Who are shaping up to be one of the must-see acts: a classic name who still have plenty to say, and a knack for expressive staging. It sounds like a hell of a show, and we can’t wait to hear this new material out on the road.

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