Hot Track: Heir – Gonna Be Gold


By Jack

Heir make music that is refined, classy and catchy, but ‘Gonna Be Gold’ is the first time they’ve gone for the pop jugular. It’s an unashamed appeal to the heart – and brilliant.


‘Gonna Be Gold’ was inspired by the desire to reassure the new generation that things will be okay. That’s an honourable intention since they are, like the rest of us, fairly fucked in the grand scheme of things. But as the song opens (with a paraphrasing of ‘Edge of Seventeen’) they make a strong argument. The song rides an amazingly cocksure synth groove, before bursting into the intricate interplay of synth-guitar-bass which we’ve come to expect.

‘Gonna Be Gold’ is the 21st Century update to Spandau Ballet’s ‘Gold’ that I didn’t realise I was missing all my life. It’s big and grand, theatrical and sing-along and unashamed and I love it. The only note I’d make is that this would certainly be bettered by some on-stage choreography. Played live this song demands a costume change for sure – preferably something glittery.

What a fabulous end to the week.

Follow Heir here.


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