Hot Track: Thyla – Lenox Hill


By Jack

Thyla were the best find at Live at Leeds this year. Their style of melodic but crunching alt-rock, glossed by some beautiful vocals, was irresistible.

Their latest single ‘Lenox Hill’, released last month, is their best yet.

It’s semi-autobiographical; Lenox Hill was the hospital in NYC that singer Millie Duthie was born. It’s a song dedicated to taking the plunge, and committing to what or who you love despite the consequences.

I particularly love the way the bass bobs and weaves around the vocals, and the slashes of atmospheric post-punk guitar. It’s dreamy but not too heady – addressing the shared common experience of losing your way and going back to where it all began, so you can start over again.

There’s that crystalline clean Bjorkish delivery, with lyrics of cryptic soundbites that slowly reveal themselves to you on repeat listens. Given part of their appeal is that Thyla’s songs are shrouded in a fog of angst, it’s refreshing for them to come out of the shadows a little here, and share a little common wisdom.

Another brilliant song from an increasingly brilliant band.

Follow Thyla here.

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