Feeder at Leeds Beckett – Live Review


By Jack

The enduring success of brit-rock survivors Feeder is something of a surprise. Their latest hits collection cracked the Top 10, followed by their latest studio album Tallulah reaching the Top 5. Perhaps in the increasingly homogenised landscape of radio rock, people are longing for the heyday of the mid ’00s. This isn’t our first time seeing them live, and hopefully not our last.

The Feeder discography falls into the sticks and stones of Foos indebted alt-rock (‘Lost & Found’, ‘Come Back Around’, ‘Seven Days in the Sun’) and softer adult-contemp sounds powered by chiming U2 style guitars (‘Just The Way I’m Feeling’, ‘Kite’). They keep this balance well through the night, producing a varied set that can sustain both the gorgeous ballad ‘High’ and churning ‘Insomnia’.

The new material slots into their better known hits perfectly, and the crowd love it. ‘Fear of Flying’ is classic Feeder, and ‘Kyoto’ provides one of their sluggiest riffs. Despite their loud, aggressive guitar tones there is room for Grant Nicholas’ sweet baritone as well. The choruses hit hard all night.

After ‘Buck Rodgers’ seems to put a bow on the night, the fans are baying for one last song – chanting the riff until the band finally re-emerge and oblige. ‘Just A Day’ is clearly the fan favourite, and if they ever try and play a set without it, good luck to them.

Feeder may have long given up trying to mesh into the mainstream, yet their powerful but melodic sound ages like good wine.

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