Hot Track: For You The Moon – ‘Slip Away’


By Jack

‘Slip Away’ is the debut single from For You The Moon. They’re off to a good start. ‘Slip Away’ is intense, explosive indie rock.

The four piece alight around a brilliant chorus, and the whole song orbits it. The verses serve as extended off-ramps into that surging, galloping energy. Singer Isaac Cooter’s emotive barritone is the band’s USP, making real the emotional heft of the lyrics and the smoky lamp-lit mood of the song. He’s somewhere between Harry McVeigh of White Lies / Kiran Roy of October Drift but with a flair all his own.


There’s a fantastic energy on display here – and creativity. The drums (Michael Evans) drive in the chorus but subtly tempo shift in the verses, leaving Isaac’s voice to shine. This kind of two-speed, quiet/loud dynamic is sheer dynamite in a live setting. I can see ‘Slip Away’ being an instant favourite with fans. The bounce in that chorus is too propulsive to resist. Plus – we all love a sing-along.

It’s a strong debut single, and shows that For You The Moon already have strong ideas about how they want to sound and how their music should move. On the basis of ‘Slip Away’ we’re keen to hear more.

Follow For You The Moon here.

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