Hot Track: Late Night Legacy – ‘Blame’


By Jack

Back and angrier than ever, Late Night Legacy swap out their party tunes for loud agit-rock. ‘Blame’ is a beast.

The LNL guys are generally found having a good time, but of late their music has taken on a darker tone. Their last single ‘Paddy’ was a song you could smash up a pub to, and ditto this. ‘Blame’ is about destroying one relationship in vain pursuit of another, of admitting that’s all you want and you don’t care what it takes to get it.

However the single art – of a human head wrapped in fishing nets chugging down refuse – invites a deeper meaning.

Under a deceptively slick beat, the guitar of Rob Orange chugs furiously, approximating a sort of tortured funk. The production this time round sounds really thick and grimy, and the wailing riff at the centre of ‘Blame’ is sheer power.


Ryan Kitto remains the Frontman-cum-Aquaman that you didn’t know you needed in your life. His growly yelps give the band their alt-rock sound and imbues ‘Blame’ with a raw and passionate energy.

Each time these guys bring out a new track we say it’s their best yet: that’s because it’s true. ‘Blame’ is fantastic, and will be sure to send crowds into a frenzy out on tour.

Follow Late Night Legacy here.

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