Hot Track: Runaway Hounds – ‘Strangers’


By Jack

Wolverhampton’s Runaway Hounds bring the heat, once again, with ‘Strangers’.

After writing an anthem for insomnia (‘Nightlight’) the indie four-piece return to the well of the breakup anthem. ‘Strangers’ is about being frozen out by someone you used to see. The cold shoulder has been inspiring rock writing since time immemorial, after all.

‘Strangers’ is really held together by that riff – it’s their best yet. They’ve managed to capture a really unique sound, reverb heavy and melodic with a Britpop flavour. Singer Owen provides another great vocal take, and ‘Strangers’ has some imaginative writing too.

I love “Saw you in the night / And I don’t know how to breathe / Kill me with your eyes / Now I never want to leave” – it really sums up the weird love/hate intensity of dealing with someone who’s moved on.

All in all Runaway Hounds are a great guitar band, and we’re eager to hear more.

Follow Runaway Hounds here.

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