Hot Track: Just Suppose – ‘Shockwaves’


By Jack

‘Shockwaves’ hits you like a tonne of lead. Playing it for the first time I felt like I’d been punched in the face, and spent the rest of the track desperately reeling. It’s such a visceral thrill of a tune.

From the opening tumult of kick drum it was clear this was going to be something different. The intensity is unreal, with a buzzing riff resembling the sounds you used to get out of a dial-up modem, and ‘Shockwaves’ is LOUD; in production I assume they just turned everything up to 10 until the dials started falling off.

The decision to play it fast and loud is one I can respect, but I wouldn’t call it groundbreaking. What really impressed about Just Suppose isn’t just that they play fast and tinnitus-inducingly loud, but do so with razor sharp technique. The Huddersfield four-piece slip through weird time signatures, bizarre synth delay and pretensions towards funk. It may sound chaotic, but it’s actually a work of intense discipline. That to me is hugely impressive.


The temptation to play Influence Bingo is always there when talking about a new band. Sure there’s a touch of Editor’s ‘Munich’ about the supersonic, whistling guitar tone and  the fuzzy brutality of Wolf Alice opus ‘Your Loves Whore’. However ‘Shockwaves’ is really capable of standing apart from any direct comparison, it’s a unique sound and leaves me eager to here more. Just Suppose are playing out of their skin on this song, with the power and precision you’d expect of a band five or ten years older.

Listening to ‘Shockwaves’ left me certain of only one thing: I wanted to play it again.

Follow Just Suppose here.

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