Hot Track: Boy in Space, unheard – Cold


By Jack

Over a string of singles Boy in Space has been able to generate an oeuvre of doomed romance. The Swedish musician’s songs have a gorgeously melancholy sheen to them, and seem destined to play over the All is Lost Moment in a teen drama.

‘Cold’ certainly sounds like it was recorded in space. The synths twinkle like shooting stars (though shooting stars are only actually visible from the earth, but anyway) and the uplifting, beautiful strings recall the balletic tumble of zero-g.

The trendy production comes courtesy of fellow Swede unheard, who produces. He’s 17, and therefore it’s surprising how nuanced and full of character his treatment of the song is. There’s a boylike wonder to everything here, a lover’s tiff blown up to intergalactic portions, as teenagers are want to do.

Boy in Space (aka Robin) has a helium high voice which you are either here for or you aren’t. There’s no compromise, and no desire to curb his absurdly high register to fit pop moulds. It compliments perfectly the otherworldly feel, with the echo and reverb only adding to the feeling that he’s up there somewhere in the cosmos.

What a beautiful song.

Follow Boy in Space here.

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