Hot Track: The Creature Appeal – No Fun


By Jack

Falsity in advertising; the latest from The Creature Appeal is plenty fun, furthering their tuneful and imaginative indie-pop sound.

The West Midlands band build their latest release around a trop-tinged guitar loop, below which the bass bends and weaves. There’s an elasticity to their sound, which avoids indie rock bloat in favour of a sweetly delivered chorus and a cool, balmy atmosphere.

‘No Fun’ has a mid-summer bounce. It’s a straightforward account of he-said / she-said, but with the twist that monogamy is, actually, underrated. There’s creativity not just in the songwriting which feels genuine and borne of real life experiences, but also the playing – there’s great work behind the sticks and both of the frets.

Most indie bands use the bridge as a crutch, but here it actually serves its purpose: dialling up the tempo and channelling the vocals through static. Played live, it’s bound to inspire a deafening crowd response.

The Creature Appeal have hit on a indie-pop sound perfect for the (currently) sunny weather, a fresh and exciting blend of pop hooks and indie rock energy. Stick them on a playlist ASAP.

Follow The Creature Appeal here.

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