Hot Track: Late Night Legacy – Paddy


By Jack

Late Night Legacy have another barn burner with ‘Paddy’, a polemic against the  drudgery of everyday life.

‘Paddy’ is the story of an office drone looking for escape from the 9-5 – a bit like The Matrix (or Office Space depending on your 90s reference). Given the triumphant tone of LaL songs this is something of a surprise. It’s still a fist-pumping call to arms, but you have the nagging sensation Paddy, and by extension you, are on the losing side.


After the sublime chill of ‘Sunny’ this is a return to LaL’s RHCP imbued funk rock sound last seen on the pugnacious ‘Beat Up’. It’s loud, bombastic, and has a fucking amazing chorus. Chant-along choruses are something the Legacy boys have always done particularly well but ‘Paddy’ is the best yet.

Plus, there’s more cowbell.

Late Night Legacy are a band who had a really strong sense of purpose and identity from the off, but each song has added new dimensions to their sound. ‘Sunny’ was a torch song, ‘Beat Up’ a riot starter. ‘Paddy’ is a character study, and has their best lyrics to date. Paddy like most of us hasn’t exactly ended up where he intended, feels lost in the rat race, and misses his younger days. That we feel his yearn for release so strongly is a testament to the writing – and frontman Ryan Kitto’s passionate delivery.

They show no signs of stopping – and we hope they never do. Late Night Legacy have another anthem for you.

Follow Late Night Legacy here. ‘Paddy’ is released 14/06/19.

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