Gauranga – Miles Apart EP – Review


By Jack

Gauranga’s debut EP is a moody, mature, and well-crafted short play. Over six tracks the Bradford band hone their indie-pop sound. Some tracks are loud and some are soft, but the skill comes from the band’s ability to weave between the two, ratcheting up the tension before levelling off into a sunset groove.

Opening with the chime of echoing guitar, a peaceful vibe is bust apart by the crashing drums of ‘Miles Apart’ – a song about long-distance breakup. It clicks together exceptionally well; playful beat, riff heavy outro and mellow verses which perfectly accentuate the chorus. When the beat drops out and returns with a humming synth line it’s a moment of sheer class.

The Miles Apart EP focus on ideas that resonate: anxiety, growing up and the pains of moving on. It may be well worn for indie at this point but Gauranga write with a compassion and sincerity. The lyrics ring true, and speak to familiar relationships, situations and impasses. The vocals are fantastic too. Singer Conrad Berriff doesn’t try to overpower the rhythm with force, instead allowing his voice to drift atop it. His softer register is exactly what’s needed.


The sparse couplets on ‘Butterfly Brain’ – “I was caught up in illusions, and caught up in pain” – make the ideal foil for the atmospheric and trop-tinged guitar. While ‘Fallen’, emerging from a sheet of falling rain, is another highlight.

Miles Apart is a fantastic EP, and marks out Gauranga as one of the freshest and most hype-worthy bands in Yorkshire.

Miles Apart is released on 14/06/19.



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  1. Saw them at Gorilla in Manchester 12 Sept opening for Love Fame Tragedy. When they took the stage I thought “These kids will make nothing but noise.” Well, they were fantastic. Was lucky to meet and talk to the singer and his Mum in the crowd after their set, I have a feeling our selfie will be a cherished possession and proof to others that I saw Gauranga before they were stars.

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