Hot Track: Free Galaxy – Leave Me


By Jack

On their most adventurous tune to date Free Galaxy embrace the sludgy sounds of grunge.

‘Leave Me’ is tense and moody. The more explosive sounds of ‘Evolution’ & ‘Treadmill’ have been dialled back, the guitar pyro replaced with atmosphere, building tension verse on verse. But when the chorus hits, it lands like a haymaker.

The slow-burn and defiant tone added to the fuzzy guitars and general angst give ‘Leave Me’ the feel of Nirvana’s ‘Lithium’.

It’s their best produced tune for sure – I particularly love the way the bass nudges into the verses before collapsing into static. Subtle atmospherics have been added to the mix, speaking to greater attention to detail at the console this time round.

The vocals are sharp and really boom with a confidence you wouldn’t expect of such a young band. The chorus is another of these chants that Free Galaxy do particularly well, the sort that sounds great echoed back by a live audience.

The boys done good – ‘Leave Me’ is a fantastic tune.

Follow Free Galaxy here.

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