Tycho returns with zen-like single ‘Easy’ – Review


By Jack

Nobody truly signals the start of spring like Tycho. His music is so mellow, tuneful, cheerful and full of wide-eyed wonder – perfect soundtracking for blue skies and long summer roads. ‘Easy’ is another blissful single.

The Tycho formula is very much in place – synth ostinato, tenderly plucked guitar, spacey melody. All present and correct. However ‘Easy’ is a departure of sorts – it’s the first single away from Ghostly International, and one of the few to feature vocals (‘Dive’ has just the one word). Previous album Epoch closed out what Scott Hansen (T) called his trilogy, so this is the sound of something new.

Though be reassured – this isn’t Hot 100 reinvention. ‘Easy’ still evokes the kind of genuine and passionate love of the world and of abstraction that runs entirely against the increasingly morose sounds of the Spotify charts.

‘Easy’ is the gentlest of vision quests – a trip for sure, but a pleasant one. Arriving like a gust of cool wind on a hot summer’s day.

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