Hot Track: Gauranga – Back to Me


By Jack

Gauranga’s second single ‘Back to Me’ is big on beats but packs a sweet and mellow vibe.

The Bradford five piece open the track with an extended drum intro that slowly folds in chilled bass and pinched guitar melodies. It’s a great ethos for playing: with the emphasis on the interaction between the instruments and creating a peaceful, easy kind of sound.

The progression is simple but super effective, the intensity of the tune slowly rising without breaking the sunny mood. Fuzzy guitars slash the chorus, but never overwhelm the mix. The vocals here are top notch, ringing out crystal clear and sounding serene.


When the norm of indie rock is usually big loud Friday night lariness, it’s always nice to see a band take the track less travelled. Gauranga are certainly worth keeping an eye on – their debut single ‘Butterfly Brain’ is great too, and shows more of this indie-chill sound the band have hit on.

Follow Gauranga here.

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