Hot Track: Joseph Thompson – It’s Gonna Be Fine


By Jack

‘It’s Gonna Be Fine’ is a song about hope, dreams, arbitrary bullshit, and above all else perseverance – making it fairly essential listening on any given Monday.

Joseph Thompson’s laptopop is a blend of strumy singer-songwriter acoustics and the sugar rush of DIY synthpop.

The central loop recalls the dormroom ennui of The Postal Service, as does Thompson’s plaintive tone. His vocal take eschews melodrama in favour of something raw and quirky. It’s a charming performance.

It’s fairly heart-on-sleeve stuff, the line between semi and fully autobiographic being very thin indeed. But this honesty is refreshing. ‘It’s Gonna Be Fine’ is a lament for creators and for the trials and pitfalls of making art (something this publication would know nothing about).

Anyone who’s toiled over making a song only to be sat there on Soundcloud with the cursor hanging over the upload button, wondering if it or you or anything you’ve ever done is any good, will surely relate.

The directness of Thompson’s approach means he doesn’t need to use corny similes or flit behind barely-there narrative smokescreen. It’s a raw and honest appeal to and celebration of fandom and the act of songwriting. Given that pursuit is something that has brought us so much joy (and occasional misery) over the years, it’s certainty a message we can get behind. Write that song. Book that gig. Tweet that link. As the song goes – it’s gonna be fine. Trust us.

Follow Joseph Thompson here.

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