My Baby at Brudenell Social Club – Live Review


By Jack

Dutch by NZ trio My Baby are quite simply the best live band we’ve reviewed. With a little more than a modest performance space and an unrepentant desire to constantly up the ante, they are able to create the most blisteringly intense and blood-pumping performance we’ve seen all year.

Every time we see My Baby we say this. It’s getting old. It’s still true. They are absolutely untouchable in a live setting.

The voodoo of singer Cato van Dijck infuses every note, every tone, every roll on snare. She’s magnetic on stage and her voice is coquettish but completely unknowable. Part of the enigma of the band is how on stage they completely surrender into a cohesive whole. The incessant beats distort what would be Delta blues into God-fearing honky tonk.

Latest LP MOUNAIKI gets a detailed airing, with choice cuts ‘Supernatural Aid’ & ‘In The Club’ (not the Fiddy song). These actually represent a shift towards more streamlined funk rock, but are wild in a live setting, the holds unlatched.

The songs here present as progged-out extended mutations of themselves.’Seeing Red’ is stretched out to nearly ten minutes, a colossal blues jam that serves as the tipping point into all-out barn burning. From here there’s only one song that can top it – their signature tune ‘Uprising’, which supersedes its studio version so completely it’s easy to forget they’re the same song.

We’re running out of ways to say it:  My Baby are absolutely unreal. Get acquainted.

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