Hot Track: Candid – ‘Where Do We Go?’

WDWG Centre

By Jack

I know precisely two things about Coventry: 1) it got absolutely battered in the war and 2) it has one of the best indie scenes in the country.

Candid caught our ear by blending pub rock with moody post-punk, and they continue to explore this on their latest track ‘Where Do We Go?’.

As titles go this one is fairly timely – most people have spent the past few months wondering what exactly the craic is. It’s a time of national unrest and speculation and while Candid’s song zooms down to a personal level, it could not feel more on the money.

‘Where Do We Go?’ oozes confidence; willing to shift tempos, play with structure, and even drop out the music entirely, leaving singer Rob Latimer in the spotlight. His smooth and even voice is a perfect foil for the bright Britpop arrangement – Candid have a real ear for big choruses and melodies which crescendo with them.

There are more of those nimble, echo heavy riffs that popped so spectacularly on ‘Breathless’ & ‘Rumours’. In the hands of Dan Latimer the lead riff whips like a thresher shark, coiling around the chorus in a spring like groove and erupting in a solo that packs the metallic texture of Editors’ ‘Munich’.


However here the focus is shifted from the guitar – ‘Where Do We Go?’ is a song focused on groove. The entire piece has a propulsive feeling, it rattles with the energy that each member brings to their instrument. Well produced too. Very well in fact. With a track that changes pace constantly it can make layering a nightmare, but the results are pleasantly even, and allow the focus to remain on the performances.

‘Where Do We Go?’ is the next step in the evolution of a young band who are discovering they can play really, really well.

Follow Candid here.

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