Hot Track: The Creature Appeal – Circular Sunglasses


By Jack

That is some shit hot artwork. Means nothing in isolation of course. But it’s usually a good sign. The Creature Appeal’s You Shouldn’t, But I know You Probably Will is a varied, engaging listen. The West Midlands band cover a lot of ground on their debut EP, but the standout track is ‘Circular Sunglasses’.

Their EP features blaring riffs, nimble drumming and sludgy bass tied together with the lithe tones of singer Toby Turner. However ‘Circular Sunglasses’ stands out as something special. Here all the elements of the band and their sound mesh perfectly, on a breezy indie pop tune that moves at a reassured clip.

The fuzzed out guitar tones of EP opener ‘Nine’ are parred-back to a simple, looping measure. Far from being reductive this stubby riff forms the backbone of the track and shows the signs of serious polish: it’s a gorgeous little riff. It also allows the other components to loosen up – the beat moves with an easy swing, the bass elastic and funky.

The nihilistic tinge to the lyrics and synth effects which really walk the line between serene and spacey give ‘Circular Sunglasses’ a little emotional edge. You can’t really file it away under feel-good, because is our narrator all that happy? Or is he frustrated and unsatisfied with his lot? You’d have to ask the girl in the circular sunglasses.

The Creature Appeal are being pulled in various directions by their inspirations and aren’t really sure where they’ll end up. This EP suggests they have a lot to say, and the energy and talent to see it through.

Follow The Creature Appeal here.



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