Georgia’s ‘Started Out’ is an anthem for self-betterment – Review


By Jack

Packing throbbing bass, washes of synth and mumbled asides, ‘Started Out’ is an ode to unwavering perseverance.

Like electropop singer Indiana, Georgia has gone down the unGoogleable name route, and good for her. The drummer-cum-singer has produced a dance tune that surges but never crescendos, a nocturnal groove that moves at a restless rat-a-tat. “When we started out I never believed it” she admits in the opening line, setting the confessional tone of a tune that cheers you on like a fan in the bleachers waving a foam finger.

‘Started Out’ recognises the struggle for recognition, and the struggle just to get by. Over burbling bass and parps of spritely keys, all encased in the stiff but comforting crackle of analogue hardware. Georgia eschews sentimentality in favour of more immediate counsel “Dust off yourself now / Kicked out the heartache” – that’s what they call The Direct Approach in therapy circles. This expression of self-belief is hit with bullseye accuracy not just by the vérité music video but also the cover art of a girl singing full-bore into what looks like a hairbrush.

What’s charming is the shift in focus from internal pep talk to external call to arms, a plea that turns manifesto in time with the buildout of the beat and the toughening of the instrumental. It wins you over with charm before turning sage, and when you can tap your toe to it it’s all the more worthy.

As we near the end of the January 2019 amid the sounds of a thousand new year’s resolutions crashing to earth, hear these words and hum this melody. Kick out the heartache indeed.

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