The Harriets provide some Yuletide charm on A Christmas Box


By Jack

Good will to all men etc, it’s Christmas Eve.

After a year which was, all in all, fairly dreadful, we could certainly use some quality indie tunes to see us off. The Harriets’ ‘A Christmas Box’, a three track EP, encapsulates the season perfectly: part heart and part snark, part cynicism and part joy.

There’s a retro feel to this. Dusty sounds like a bash, but there’s a found quality to ‘Anyway, it’s Christmas’. The stringent ’60s guitar tones sound ripped from a ’45 discovered at the bottom of a removals box. Yet the narration strays far from tradition. It’s essentially a send-up of Christmas and the bullshit that surrounds it, a bittersweet love story set in a wintery flat.

But you can’t have a Christmas EP without some sugar coating – and that comes courtesy of the second track ‘A Christmas Box’. Piano lands softly as flakes of snow, with a wonderful swelling chorus. Christmas is all about consuming your body weight in confection – and this is a sweet treat not to be missed.

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